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TONYA's Book: Insights and Inspirations for Dancers

Tonya is a practitioner of Religious Science as well as a published author of
Insights and Inspirations for Dancers - A book of spiritual healing for dancers
Insights and Inspirations a booklet by Tonya

Forward by Marta Schill:

"This prose of Tonya Chianis is simply the art of dance crafted into words and through her 'Spiritual Connection' to dance, Tonya has graciously created stepping stones for our own journey. This book serves as a beacon to brighten our path."

$8.00, including S & H,
40 pages, approx 4"x5"

Make checks payable to
Tonya Chianis, PMB 343, 5318 E 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90803


- a book of Poetry, Rhymes, Affirmations and Helpful Hints by Tonya Chianis, R.Sc.P.

book review by Kajira Djoumahna, RMT, CMT

What a wonderful way to begin our new millennium; with thoughts of pure love and light, with positive affirmations and uplifting images. Each and every one of us deserves this, and more abundance of this type in our lives.

With that in mind, Tonya has written a book that can help us do just that. Always positive, encouraging and kind, never wasting her energy with negativity, is Tonya. Perhaps you have been reading some of her words of wisdom for the 21st century in your dance publications recently (which, incidentally, are not the same as the poems in this book). Perhaps you've had the great pleasure of meeting her, taking a class or attending her annual Bellydancer of the Universe®Competition in Long Beach, CA, that she puts on with her daughter, Atlantis. Whether you have or not, this booklet can help you get to know this remarkable woman and give you a glimpse into her valuable insights.

This book "is a tribute to my family," Tonya explained. It is only the first in a series of three that she has planned. This one is specifically geared for dancers (though anyone can certainly benefit from reading it), and the others will be geared towards singers and actors. Quoting from her introduction, Tonya writes: "Positive thoughts will help clear the way to accepting only good, through your studies, your performances and your life..... The more good each of us commits to in dance, the more we become perfect catalysts for bringing dance to a higher and better place in the minds and hearts of all."

It contains 40 pages of prose, some are collaborations with, and a few written entirely by, Atlantis. The rest are totally Tonya's. There are photos of Tonya's family in different stages of their lives. Each poem or rhyme is followed by an affirmation line. Says Tonya, "By repeating the Affirmation that follows the poem, you will feel the tension ease and once again you will find your rightful and peaceful place. When this is done, you will know that we are all One." The affirmation that follows "Truth" reads "My dance is the Truth of who I am and I am Perfect." "Blessings'" affirmation reads, "I give and receive Blessings whenever I dance." I also love the line that follows many titles before the poems begin. This line sums up concisely what the poem says artfully. For example, following the title of "The Gypsy in My Soul" is the line "Go within and let your higher power guide you." Following the title, "Expressing," is "Expressing is our birthright." Wow! This is truly inspired (and inspiring) text! Also herein are pages of ideas and tools for how one can "Eliminate Fear" (before and during performances), as well as "What it Takes" to keep on growing with your dancing path, or as Tonya and Atlantis say, "We have compiled this three category list to help expand conscious awareness of what it takes to achieve greatness in dance."

This book is small enough to keep with you in your purse or dance bag, or on your nightstand. When faced with one of life's challenges, flip the book open at random and read what is before you. Perhaps it is exactly what you need to remember at the time. Refer to it often to help you remain on your positive course and for your self esteem, patience and universal love.

I don't think there's anything written in its pages that won't sound familiar and true to your soul and heart. Truths are truths, no matter for whom or when. Certain things simply ARE, and Tonya reminds us of our connexion to the Divine and to the Universal Truths through her own strong and unfaltering connexion, via the written word.

Thank you, Tonya, for this Gift to our dance community. Every person can benefit by owning this book.. . . ~end~

Tonya and Atlantis
PMB 343, 5318 East Second St.
Long Beach, CA 90803-5354

Phone/FAX: 562 433 6615 -- Email

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