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Contact Atlantis: Phone/FAX: 562 433 6615 -- Email

Read the FAQ: Proper etiquette for hiring bellydancers for your events

Book a Bellydancer for your Party! Atlantis is available for special occasions, Grand Openings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Quicineras, Weddings, Engagements, Bat and Barmitzvahs.
She can even pop out of a cake!

Bellydancer of the Universe®can customize a show for your specific corporate or family event. They can provide SOLOS, DUO or GROUP PERFORMANCES, with MC / VOCALIST and/or MUSICIANS upon request. They perform to both ethnic or/and contemporary music or fuse both together for the ultimate entertainment experience depending upon your needs. All shows are suitable for children.

Kids of all ages love bellydancing!



Winner Best Oriental Dancer - Zahgareet Golden Belly Award Winner Best Cabaret Dancer - IAMED

Winner Promoter of the Year, Best Event, BDUC - Golden Belly Award

A REVIEW: Atlantis! Workshop & Show

Phoenix, Arizona, By Helena Vlahos

I have known Atlantis since she was a child in Los Angeles, California. Atlantis' mom, Tonya and I worked together at the Seventh Veil in the late 1960's. Tonya and my sister Maria who was also a dancer worked
together quite a bit and had become good friends. My sister and I feel as if Tonya and Atlantis are family.

I have always enjoyed Atlantis' vigor and unique approach to belly dancing. She truly is a "Fusionista" at heart.

Esther Gengler who has been a sponsor for many years in Arizona, wanted to bring Atlantis for a workshop and show for a while now. Knowing this I helped to bring Atlantis here to Phoenix.

As it happened, Atlantis was going to be visiting relatives in Arizona in November. So she was interested in teaching a workshop as it worked in with her plans.

I knew Atlantis was a great dancer but I was even more delighted to find her such a great instructor and so knowledgeable on so many dance styles. It was a great help to me and my students. I have only touched on the 9/8 & 6/8 rhythms with them so they know only a bit of the Persian and Turkish. This class helped clarify a lot of the movements for them.

As I am not an expert on Persian or Turkish dances, the workshop helped me come away with new moves and a better understanding on stylization. I also learned a few staging patterns and arm movement stylizations from Atlantis that were a bit different than the ones I know.

Atlantis with Isis Wings, BellydancingAtlantis was a professional and fun instructor. She made it easy for everyone to understand and went at a pace that everyone in class could follow. Repeating the moves over and over until we all understood the combinations was great.

My student and "Helena's Alexandria Dancers" troupe member Shawna, was very excited about the new moves and wrote everything down for our troupe to practice. She already has a choreography in mind to use for one of our troupe numbers. I love Shawna's enthusiasm!

The evening show was the best ever! With Atlantis' Emceeing skills, the show was a big success. I don?t know how she does it! She made all of us who were performing in the show feel very special. She had the whole audience going wild and participating in the show as well.

We all enjoyed Atlantis?s multi faceted, energetic show and her skillful finger cymbal playing. The music she danced to was from her mom Tonya's new CD called "Atlantis."

The CD is great for the dancer who wants to learn to be the "Bellydancer of the Universe®" with the skill to dance to all styles of music.

Hiring Belly Dancers: Frequently Asked Questions

Length of Performance: Shows are booked in 30 minute increments. Additional time can be negotiated for "meet-and-greet" type events and photo opportunities.

What is included in the bellydance show? A basic belly dance show includes exciting choreographed routines with various props like swords, veils, candles, finger cymbals, zils, isis wings and more. Audience instruction and participation can be included if desired.

Which types of events hire bellydancers? All ethnicities enjoy bellydancing! We perform at quineneras, weddings with zeppa procession for the bridal party, i.e. candelabra dance, graduations, grand openings of restaurants, civic functions,and many other occasions including night clubs and elegant restaurants. We do weddings both ethnic and American, birthday parties, anniversaries, retirement parties, grand openings, corporate events, children's parties, cultural events, and more.

Bachelor parties?? NO!! We do not perform at bachelor parties or at all male events. We do perform at Bachelorette parties for the bride and her bridesmaids, and include a class for the girls to learn how to bellydance.

What about tipping? Although tipping is not required, it is appreciated. Placing the tip in the bra area is not acceptable, but in the belt or showered over the dancers head while in performance is okay. This is to be collected and presented to the artist at the end of the performance. Preferably tipping is done before or after the performance. Please be aware that the gratuity for the dancer is not included in the price quote and goes directly to the artist. Thanks!

Is it okay for me to get up and dance with the performer? Interruptions like that are not encouraged because the choreography has already been predetermined by the dancer. If the dancer invites you to come up and join her, feel free to do so, or to decline if you don't want to dance with her. Please treat the entertainer with respect as you would want to be treated.

Do you take credit cards? Only through PayPal* payments in advance, money orders, cashiers checks or cash can be accepted. Your contract will give specific details for payment. A non-refundable deposit will be required with your request for a performance, one month prior to the event.

*NOTE: To make a deposit or full payment with PayPal, please add a $5.00 transaction fee to your quote or deposit. Under details, include name and cell phone #of contact and location of the event, and the date and time of requested performance. We will then reciprocate with a confirmation letter.

Can you perform at the last minute or do I have to make arrangements in advance? We will always try to accommodate you at the last minute but usually 6 weeks is about right for booking your show. Please give us as much notice as possible to ensure your preferred time slot is available.

How expensive is it to hire a bellydancer? Live entertainment is PRICELESS, whether it is a clown, magician, band or DJ, and your guests will remember it for a long time, good or bad. Remember, you always get what you pay for.

Why does it cost extra to have the dancer stay after the performance? Many times dancers have another party to go to after yours, so it is important that you adhere to the scheduled time you have arranged for your show so it is not possible for her to stay at your venu. Remember you are paying for years of dance training, expensive costumes, dancing time, gas, mileage, and a professional performance.

Bellydancer of the Universe® has appeared in numerous television, film, stage and music videos. They provide only the finest in family and corporate entertainment. We have been awarded the "Best in Long Beach" business award as well as being members of the Long Beach Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Check out our bio and photos.

DON'T JUST HIRE A BELLY DANCER! HIRE THE BEST.... Bellydancer of the Universe®!


***Tonya and Atlantis are honored on the "BILTMORE'S WHO's WHO" list and are among the most honored Executive and Professional business women in the country!***

Tonya and Atlantis
PMB 343, 5318 East Second St.
Long Beach, CA 90803-5354

Phone/FAX: 562 433 6615 -- Email

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