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Bellydancer of the Universe® Competitions

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- Member of S.A.G.
Vice President of the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association (MECDA Beach Cities Chapter).

Member of Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association "Hall of Fame"

Atlantis, Award winning Oriental DancerAWARDS including:

Best Oriental Dancer,
Zaghareet Magazine

Best Cabaret Dancer - International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance.

Promoter of the year, Zaghareet Magazine

Best Event - Bellydancer of the Universe®Competitions, Zaghareet Magazine

Best Entertainment / Dance School for 2016 in Long Beach.

Atlantis' year has been most exciting with her company "Belly Dancers of the Universe," providing entertainment for the stars and special events. Hollywood luminaries such as Jerry Bruckheimer and Lawrence Kazden marveled; Coach Phil Jackson of Laker's fame proclaimed Atlantis "His Beautiful Baby!" Geena Davis and Paula Abdul also found time to take a swing of the hips! Also, Atlantis landed a great spot on a "Good Morning America" feature "Spotlight in Long Beach," showing "What's Hot in Long Beach." Most recently on Mothers Day she was featured on MTV's PARENTAL CONTROL taking control of the cast the dance floor showing everyone how to rock!!

"If you`re having a Bellydance Festival or Competition, ATLANTIS MUST BE PART OF IT. She is SO PROFESSIONAL with an exceptional class about how to improve in a contest with so important tips she is expert and another class of finger cymbals that I believe is one of her specialities. Her dancing is so unique!!! Nowdays with so many dancers in the world (all doing the same and many without personal style) you need to have someone special like SPECTACULAR and CREATIVE ATLANTIS!!!! People here in MEXICO loved her!!!! Thank you Atlantis for being here, it was a faboulous weekend!" -- Maria Shazadi, Mexico City Producer


Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association " Hall of Fame" award twice for her unselfish dedication to the dance form through teaching, promotion, integrity and professionalism in the field.

Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association Humanitarian Award

Best Teacher award from International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance.

Promoter of the Year, Zaghareet Magazine.

Teacher of the Year, International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance

Promoter of the Year, International Dance and Theater Arts Association, Kansas City, Missouri.

Best Event - Bellydancer of the Universe® Competitions, Zaghareet Magazine.

"My classes all around the Southland are such a joy and I pleasure deeply working with Bellydancer of the Universe® Dance Co. with highly acclaimed performances at The Good Shepherd Fundraiser for the homeless and abused; special NBA halftime show at the Long Beach State College Pyramid game between the LA Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs and the Bellydancer of the Universe® MEGA STARS show. I also continue my work as a Religious Science practitioner at the 'Center for Inspirational Living' in Long Beach, Ca." -- Tonya
Additional credits available upon request!


Tonya and Atlantis, Mother/Daughter bellydance duoTonya and Atlantis have produced over 100 bellydance videos and DVDs. The Bellydancer of the Universe® Competition series featuring Tonya and Atlantis with talents from across the Universe, competing for the most coveted title in our field, "The Bellydancer of the Universe®."

"NEW" MEGA STARS DVD series with featured champions of the Bellydancer of the Universe® Competitions past and present in their award-winning once-in-a-lifetime performances. All this along with Tonya, Atlantis and their dance company "Bellydancer of the Universe® Dance Co. " - a DVD sure to please. Worthy of anyone's DVD collection, student or professional.

Tonya and Atlantis are also musically accomplished with their CD "Ecstasy in Bellydance, Volume I, featuring Tonya's lyrics and vocals along with Clarinet and Bouzouki artistry by Andreas Chianis, Greek Musician Extraordinaire! This CD has a 27 minute routine for the Professional Universal Dance Stylist. PLUS the NEW CD "Atlantis" - Ecstasy in bellydancing Volume 2 featuring routines for the Universal, Egyptian and Fusion artists.
Dear Tonya, Atlantis and Vince,

I wish to thank you for attending the benefest last Sunday in Temecula on my behalf. Thank you for MC-ing Tonya, thank you for dancing Atlantis and thank you for your moral support Vince. I am so sorry it was so cold that afternoon and sorry for what you had to endure in order to be there. I know Sabrina and Lady Brenda meant well and after all they would never have known it was going to be that cold and windy. You and your family have been dear friends to me for years. I am deeply touched by all that you do and continue to do for me. May you continue on your dance journey for many years yet to come and may you continue to bring joy to the masses of people that love and admire you. Most of all ME! God Bless you all.

Sincerely, John Bilezikjian
Dantz Records

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Tonya and Atlantis
PMB 343, 5318 East Second St.
Long Beach, CA 90803-5354

Phone/FAX: 562 433 6615 -- Email

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